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    i have a 48 star flag, tag reads; glory gloss dettra flag products made in usa, any info very much appreciated. thanks ED
  2. i have a 50 star flag of this description

    the fabric is 95% acetate and 5% other fibers
    called 'glory gloss' because it shines up when light is placed on it.

    Dettra flag co is an old no longer existing flag company that was based in NJ. they competed directly with Annin and Co who also operate in NJ- though the HQ is in PA i think. in 1998 Annin bought out Dettra becase Dettra was losing alot of business competing with Annin- who are the oldest and one of the best flag companies in the USA- one of only 3 flag companies (other two Valley Forge and CF flag co) who make G-Spec flags for the government and armed services the flags are a specified material (70D parachute nylon) stitching method, color (correct shades of red and blue for the flag) proportion of stars and canton size and overall hoist/fly ratio, and the type of header used and its attachments for the flagpole.
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    I need to know how many stars was on the american flag when
    abraham Lincoln was president
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    Hi Ed,
    I also have a 48 star flag with the same label info. I'm new to the site and didn't see an answer to your query. Did you get an answer?
    Thanks Cindy
  5. hi cindy ... i answered that question up there...

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