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    I am sure this has been asked before. I am in a marching band honor guard and we carry these flags in this order and I am looking to see if we have them right.
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    Hello, PShaw730!

    Welcome to the USA-FLAG-SITE Forum!

    Proper "Order Of Precedence" would be: USA, State, POW*MIA, and Corps (assuming that the "Corps Flag" is the one for your Marching Band Organization). If the "Corps Flag" is for the U.S. Marine Corps, then the "Order Of Precedence" would be: USA, State, USMC, and POW*MIA.

    If you have any further "Order Of Precedence" type of questions involving Flags, you can always "Google" the two search terms, as in : "Order Of Precedence" +Flags.

    I hope this answers your question!

    Good Luck!

    Robin Hickman
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