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    When flying a flag from another nation with the flag of USA, during war time...
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    Other national flags

    If the flags are flown from adjacent staffs, the American Flag should always be on the right of the line, the observer's left. It is always hoisted first and lowered last and occupy the same level as other flags. In a parade it is always on the right or center. However when in a group of other national flags, and not on American soil, all flags can be placed in alphabetical order. When on American soil, the US flag can occupy the center with the other national flags arranged alphabetically to the right and left. I do not know of any distinctions made in war time though I assume for the purposes of a coalition and all the allies are equal participants then on foreign soil they can be arrabged alphabetically.
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    When flying 3 flags on seperate poles ..Where should the American flag be in relation to the county or state flag and the POW MIA flag....?????
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    what are the days that the US flag should be at half mast?
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    Nice post, Keep it up , well according to me flag is one which let you stay at top with proud and dignity
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    How do you feel when you raise your flag with ur hands???
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    My Brother-In-Law is retiring from the Navy in a couple of weeks. He has asked me to build his retirement box. I was also in the Navy and have built a few retirement boxes in the past. I wanted to do something special for his retirement (untypical). The flag he gave me was flown by his Father during a Tiger Cruise years ago, and was presented to my Brother-In-Law. Generally the background of a retirement box is crushed velvet. Instead I want to display the whole flag as the background under glass. His metals and insignias would be mounted on top of the glass so nothing would actually be touching the flag except the glass. I’m afraid of breaking some sort of protocol during his retirement ceremony, but feel that this display would be in the most honorable of intentions.

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