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    This past weekend I put small (1 foot flags) on my grandparents' graves. They were not veterans, but Americans. They always observed Memorial Day and were excellent citizens. I loved my grandparents.

    The next day after I put the flags on their graves I went back and they were removed by someone..I suppose reason being because they were not veterans. I was crushed that they had been removed but I want to know if I had done wrong. Certainly did not mean to do something wrong.

    My question to you is "was I wrong to put flags on their graves in observance of Memorial Day since they were not veterans?"

    I want to do what is right and am sorry if I did wrong.

    Our small town of McCallsburg, Iowa, had a wonderful Memorial Day coffee hour at the Legion, Memorial Day program, followed by a service at the Cemetary, and followed by a lunch at the American Legion after this. A wonderful day to reflect on what service men and women have done for us and our freedom in America.

    Please let me know.


    Anita G. Hanson
    Email: Steveandanita@mchsi.com
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    I believe there would be nothing wrong with putting a flag near a head stone at a cementary if that person was not a vetern. Perhaps there is a more information about your question by checking with a USA military personel or the Boy Scouts of America. Maybe the local library would have books about this protocal too. Or a reputable web link site..
    I love USA!
  3. there is nothing wrong at all with putting flags on the graves of non veterans...
    you can also have a flag over your casket if your not a veteran - but you just have to provide the flag yourself!

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