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    I need to settle an argument.

    We are having a Veterans Memorial dedication coming up.

    We have 3 flag poles at the Memorial site. The center, tallest flagpole is for the US flag. The two short (outside) flag poles are for the state and missing POW flags.

    We will be raising the flags at some point during the dedication. Here is the question:

    I understand that the US Flag must be raised first and remain at a higher level than the other two flags. But are we able to actually raise all 3 flags at the same time, as long as the US flag is put up first and always stays higher? In other words, can we basically raise all 3 flags at the same time (perhaps during the Star Spangled Banner), as long as the US flag is put onto the flagpole FIRST and ALWAYS at a higher level?

    I hope the question makes sense.

    Thanks in advance for your expertise.
  2. Hi there

    I don't see why you cannot raise the 3 flags all at the same time.
    You have the flags on the right poles, and a good understanding of the flag code.

    Have a look at the Olympic games/ racing games for example - where usually there is 3 flag poles,, of varying height, for the temporary flying of national flags. which flag goes on which pole is determined by the nationality of the person who won whichever medal.

    They have all 3 flags hooked up to the halyards before they start raising any- then they raise the flag on the longest pole, slightly ahead of the next flag, which is also slightly ahead of the last flag, and they all reach the tops of their poles at the same time.

    You could do a similer thing when you raise your flags- raising the US flag slightly ahead of the other 2- which can be raised at the same time

    As you can imagine - gettin the timing right for this can be difficult - so you should take the flags out prior - with the people who are doing the raising on the day- and practise it

    good luck :D
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    Thank you. It was suggested, that the US flag must be raised by itself, when it is the only national flag (or country flag) being raised. However, I've never seen that in writing.

    Since we are dealing with raising the US flag with a state and POW flag, there was no clear direction. So I wondered if it was prohibited to raise them simultaneously, as long as the US flag is always higher.

    From your response, it seems likely that there is no rule about raising the US flag by itself, in this circumstance...and it can be raised with the other two, as long as it remains higher.

    Thanks again!
  4. It remaining higher during the raising, is not absolutley paramount.

    It wouldent matter if the 3 flags went up at the same height, and the US flag carry on by itslef to reach the top of its pole

    It would just look more aesthetically pleasing to see the US flag being higher than the others throughout the raising

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