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Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by wheelz22, Apr 16, 2008.

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    Good morning.
    I have a question I could not find an answer to...can anyone possibly help me as I have to set up flags on a flag pole for some elderly veterans at my local VFW hall.
    When displaying the US flag on an outdoor flag pole (35 foot tall pole), and with a POW/MIA flag being flown beneath it, how much distance should there be between the bottom of the US and the top of the POW flag on the rope. I'm installing new rope and hardware and I need to distance the hardware properly. I would think perhaps a foot of separation between the two flags or should they be butted right up to each other ? Thanks so much. Kevin
  2. there isnt any thing in the flag code about this one - so really it is down to persoanl preference

    i always prefer to see 1 flag per pole

    but this snt always an available option obviously!!
    so the next best option and best looking option in my view is to firstly have a larger US flag then a slightly smaller pow mia flag (or any other flag to fly below it]
    and then yea- to leave a gap seperating the 2 flags

    if your US flag is 5x8ft and the pow mia a 4x6/ 3x5 ft flag
    a distance of about 2 ft between the 2 flags should do very nicely!

    of coourse these are only my opinions as to hat i find to be the best looking display

    lets see a picture of th finished thing!
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    Thanks for the reply UK guy. I installed all new high quality flags last evening.....5x8 US and a 3x5 POW/MIA beneath it with 12 inches of separation.....looks great ! The 12 inches were suggested by several people that sell flags......although not a strict etiquette item....it gives a nice look.
  4. good glad its well!

    btw im female - but i'll let you off as my ID isnt gender specific lol

    have you a piccy of the flags?? wanna see!

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