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    I have noticed several instances on social media when the Armed Forces flags are photographed together, each flag staff is covered by multiple streamers. Anyone know what they represent?
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    If memory serves me correctly, they are called "Campaign Streamers".

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    Thanks Robin...I thought it important enough to post a copy of the Wilkipedia section below:

    Campaign streamers are decorations attached to military flags to recognize particular achievements or events of a military unitor service. Attached to the headpiece of the assigned flag, the streamer often is an inscribed ribbon with the name and date denoting participation in a particular battle, military campaign, or theater of war; the ribbon's colors are chosen accordingly and frequently match an associated campaign medal or ribbon bar. They often are physical manifestations of battle honours, though this does not mean all streamers are battle honours (e.g. gala or parade streamers not connected to a battle). They should not be confused with a tassel, which is usually purely decorative in nature.
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    I quite like the system of campaign streamers attached to the individual services flags. I have often thought that certain sections of the military i.e artillery, medical, engineers, signals, police and catering, and transport corps have been side lined by specific regiments. My father served in the Royal Artillrery during WW2 and yet the Royal Artillrery doesn't have a specific flag to display their participation in campaigns simply because they have participated in every conflict that has ever been waged by Great Britain. My Grandfather however served in the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers during WW1 and his regiment, which is now no longer, can display numerous campaign engagements on its regimental flag from Waterloo to Normandy. I know in the navy that my last ship I served in (HMS Plymouth) had 9 battle honours awarded to her through the years that spanned from 1655 to 1982 but it will never be on a specific White Ensign flag.


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