Flag wear at high altitudes

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  1. gene so

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    I have been flying my 6 x 10 flags here at 6,500 feet in the Rockies on a 53 foot flagpole for four years. Obviously at high, frequently changing, wind speeds and direction, along with the deterioration of the flag material due to the intense, unsmoggy bright sunlight here in northern New Mexico; a lasting flag has become a priority.

    I have tried several flag types and they seem to last about the same. This time in attempting to come up with a better answer I have tried a nylon flag, which is lighter. My wife has serged the entire length of the edges of this flag and it is being treated with a fabric spray that retards fraying and rips.

    If this works for me, you will be the first to hear about it. if anyone one else has come up with a solution for flying flags in negative circumstances I would be pleased to hear of it. I reject the idea of replacing flags every six months.


    Gene S.
  2. mjb

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    Same situation here in the Denver metro area, especially closer to the foothills. Very few flags fly at people's homes because within a year the cheap ones just get ripped to shreds by the high winds that come through every so often. I'm interested to hear how your experiment works out.
  3. gene so

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    You are six hours north of me on I 25. The light flag should be shredded quicker than any other I have flown. So far, so good.

    Gene S.

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