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  1. Great site you have here, and thank you very much. I was looking for some guidance on this matter, and maybe a link to (something suitable,) if anyone happens to know. I also tried to answer a few questions and comment to share any community wealth, should such a thing exist!

    I'm an eagle-guy, and I make no apologies for it. I recently purchased a (sadly, trashy) 25' sectional flagpole, which I hope to replace later with a better one.

    -- So first, I'll take any recommendations on a decent pole with a minimum of 3" buttress, preferably 4", preferably fiberglass, 20-25'... that won't break my bank. I'm handy enough to consider used poles in decent shape; I'm NW of Boston, Merrimack Valley, willing to 'reasonably' travel.

    I also added an eagle topper to this pole. It was a chintzy gold plastic thing, which I stripped, etched, and finished in black spray (house is white siding.) It looks sharp. Clear, visible, American. The shape is not the soaring, striking (e.g., after salmon) position with the wings up, but instead more of an upright, wings out "Great Seal" pose.

    THEREAFTER, I also found the info somewhere else that @armoryhistorian placed in another post here ("Eagle atop a flagpole") and as shown below: Someone, with some apparent authority, "prefers" a ball outside so Old Glory doesn't get stuck on the wings, and shred. I thought I was safe because I didn't have the striking eagle, because it's plastic, and I had no problem through some pretty crazy winds. However I was wrong. Unfortunately, yesterday, exactly this happened to me. It wasn't the wings, it was the head.

    Is anyone aware of an "eagle atop a pole"-- literally-- shape for a finial? Like, that shape that any bird of prey takes when it sits on a fencepost? The Eagle can still face to its right, it can still even carry olives and arrows in tight to the body, or while sitting on a ball. It seems to me that this shape, depending on the hook in the beak, could be 'smooth' enough to act more ball-like in the wind but still show the emblem that many of us prefer. I can only find the "Great Seal"style finial, anywhere.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  2. Robin Hickman

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    Hi, Steve!

    You might try checking out the websites of various outdoor flagpoles manufacturers and flagpole wholesalers/retailers. They are, no doubt, accutely aware of the historical "danger" that some finials with sharp edges and points pose for Flags flying under them. Since they've been aware of the dangers posed by ALL sharp-edged finials pose for Flags, they've probably come up with at least a few choices of non-Flag-eating finials for their flagpoles.

    FWIW: My advice would be to get the heaviest "Heavy-Duty" flagpole of whatever height you want and/or need. Look for the thickest gauge walls, the highest wind velocity rating, and the longest guarantee/warranty available, ESPECIALLY if your home is your "last stop", "never going to move again", and absolutely your FINAL house.

    One of these days I'm going to get my house a very "Heavy-Duty", aluminum, 20' (maybe 25") telescopic flagpole that has harnesses for two Flags!

    Yep..... One Of These Days.....

    Robin Hickman
    "Your Friendly Neighborhood Flag Man"
    Eugene, Oregon, USA.

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