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Discussion in 'Flags in the News' started by Union Jack, Jul 5, 2018.

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  2. FlagAdvocate

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    I am in awe of this young man! Thank you UJ for letting us know about him.
  3. Union Jack

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    I must admit I too get a kick out of hoisting a flag....especially on a windy day.

  4. Peter Ansoff

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    Yes, there is something uplifting about it (no pun intended!), particularly when the flag is commemorating a particular event or observance. Today is John Paul Jones's birthday, and it was good to be able to display flags associated with him: the Serapis and Alliance flags from the Texel, and the Continental Colors.
  5. Union Jack

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    As a child I spent many a happy camping holiday in a place called Gatehouse of Fleet, Scotland which is not so far from the birthplace of JPJ (Arbigland). At the time I was too busy catching crayfish and crabs to understand who he was. Very picturesque.


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