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    We have a small controversy brewing in our small town in Texas. A few citizens have recently been given notice of violation against a city ordinance that forbids signs and flags being hung/attached to trees. An even smaller group are displaying the US flag in this manner. They also have been given notice. This smaller group is now proclaiming it is the US Flag and they have a right to fly it in this manner - in a tree, as it is the US Flag and that trumps city codes. Some have now taken to installing lights below it, for night time. City is not banning the US Flag just banning Flags of any kind being displayed in/from trees. But the small group is claiming the City is not allowing them the ability to be patriotic with their display.

    My contention is this is disrespectful and not a proper way of displaying of the flag. Based on my reading of the Flag code.

    Any opinions


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