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Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by Elsie, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. Elsie

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    Hello, I am a Park Ranger in Alaska and I love the American Flag. I want to fly one in my yard on a very large flag pole. I currently have one above my garage door but it gets windy here so I have to put it up during the winters.

    I have a question for any of you that may know the answer. I was told that they change the flags at the White House everyday. Does anyone know what they do with these flags? I was wondering if there is a lottery to get one dedicated to someone special. Does anyone know how I can find out this information? Who would I contact and what would be the protocol for recieving this flag?

    Thank you very much.

  2. Stuff4Toys

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    The process may be a little different in each state, but you need to contact and purchase through the office of your state's US Senator or Congressman.

    They will have the information you need.

    JOhn ><>
  3. Elsie

    Elsie New Member

    Thank you John, I will pass the information to the person looking for the flag.

  4. pkoregon

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    I watched a television program once that showed the American Flag being raised and lowered constantly throught the day by military personnel. These flags were sold as "flags that were flown over the White House". I dont know how many flags are on the white house or which part of the White House this is done on but it is done. Hope that helps..
  5. NAVA1974

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    It is a common misconception that these flags are flown over the White House. These are flags that were flown over the United States Capitol building (it's just a couple miles away at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. The one with the big white dome on the top. I see it every day as I go to work.) Anyone can purchase flags through their congressman or senators and have them flown over the capitol on any day you wish (as long as it is 6 weeks in the future - government red tape and all that.) I had a flag flown over the Capitol on July 4, 1976. That was the single highest day for Capitol flag-flying. They raised and lowered over ten thousand flags that day. Clip it to the halyard, run it up the pole. Got to the next pole and do the same thing for the next flag. Next pole, next flag. Then go to the first pole, lower the flag, remove it, fold it, box it, and send it to your elected representative.

    I think I got one for June 14, 1977, too.

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