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    Hello everyone.

    I am an Army Veteran and also a Boy Scout Leader. From the time I was a Boy Scout as a youth, I have been interested in displaying the American Flag correctly.

    I send letters and/or emails to businesses and individuals pointing out the correct way to display the Flag when I see it being done incorrectly.

    I have even talked to Professors in Architecture Departments to discuss the need for architects to place flag poles correctly to allow the proper display of flags in front of buildings. Many of them were surprised that there were rules for displaying the Flag.

    One of the common practices is to place three poles in a triangle in front of a building with the apex next to the building, and then displaying the American Fag from the apex pole. I believe that is incorrect, but I can not find a specific example to show people. I try to explain it like flags marching down a street with the band following. The building being the band. The American Flag would be in front of the other Flags to form the triangle or to the right if in line. Is this the proper approach?


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