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  1. John Lutz

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    I have some flags that my dad has had for years. He is gone now and the historical society won't take them as a donation unless there is documentation or proof of some kind related to the origin of these flags. One of these flags is a very large US flag (each star is 7.25 inches across) that I thought was supposed to be the decommissioning flag from the battleship USS Minnesota. Since my dad was in the Navy from 1951 until about 1962, and the Minnesota was decommissioned in 1921, I must have misunderstood. There is also what appears to be an underway ensign (48 stars, labeled "U S ENSIGN NO. 10 MARE ISLAND AUG 1943"), and two very large signal flags.

    The large flag is wrapped in plastic. I need to open it up, count the stars, and see if there are any markings on it. Any idea if there is anyone out there that would want these?
  2. John Lutz

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    I looked at these more closely and here is more info:

    The larger ensign is a #6 (March 1937) and the smaller one is a #10 (Aug 1943), both 48 stars, both made at Mare Island. One signal flag is "R-Romeo" (square, 74 x 83 inches) labeled "INT R 3" and the other is "Code & Answer" (banner, 59 x 145 inches) labeled "INT CODE 8". The Ensigns are frayed at the end opposite the star field, the signal flags are in good condition.

    Not sure if it's even possible to determine what ships these flew on, or if they have any historical value.
  3. Wikipedia has interesting history of Mare Island, which might help with some of it.
    You can contact the website http://www.mareislandmuseum.org/ to see if they can help you.
  4. Peter Ansoff

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    Unfortunately, I doubt that there's any way to establish the history of these flags unless they're accompanied by some sort of documentation. There were tens of thousands of flags made at Mare Island, and the markings don't give us any additional information. I'll leave it to some of our other members to comment on their possible value.

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