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Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by Steve Greer, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. Steve Greer

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    Etiquette states that flying the American flags on a vehicle should be done at the right / front bumper. This is not practical on firetrucks because they will get caught in the cab door or get wrapped around the siren or air horn on the bumper due to the design of the truck body. Also, when going down the road,the flag would just lay agianst the side of truck if not tangled across obstructions on the bumber or caught in the door.

    Firetrucks across the nation typically fly a US flag from a hand hold on the rear of the truck. When we don't have a flag on the rear of the truck, citizens frequently ask, "where's your flag?" They even offer to buy us one because they like seeing it fly from the back of the trucks. What can be done to add flying a flag from the back of fire trucks to the proper etiquette for the flag?

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    In my humble opinion, I think you should fly one in the rear of your firetrucks like the nation popularly does. Most Americans, me included didn't know there was a protocol to where the flag should fly on a vehicle. But limos come to mind.
    I'm fairly sure, no one will complain that you have a flag flying in the wrong location, we just like seeing them fly period.
    Thank you for the hard work you do. God Bless you.

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