Flags on Display at The Battle of Brooklyn 238 Anniversary Commemoration

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    The Battle Of Brooklyn (Long Island) was celebrated in Greenwood Cemetery on the very land the famous battle was fought on August 24th 2014. On display were about 80 replica flags from the American Revolution era including some French Flags from the collection of Eric Kramer of the Battle Of Brooklyn Memorial Society
    Grenwood cemetery 012.JPG Grenwood cemetery 014.JPG Grenwood cemetery 020.JPG Grenwood cemetery 022.JPG Grenwood cemetery 039.JPG
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    Great pictures -- thanks for posting! It's fun to look through these and try to identify the flags. I looked at the bottom middle one and wondered why they included the flag of Hawai'i, but obviously it's the Continental ensign from the Lexington, with the red, white and blue stripes.
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    You are correct Peter. THey are very similar. The stripes are in different order and Lexington's canton is the Kings Colors while Hawaii's is the more modern Union Jack. (I think) I thought some of you guys would enjoy these. At the end they allowed everyone to march with one of the flags up Battle Hill. t was a well done event. Grenwood cemetery 075.JPG Grenwood cemetery 078.JPG Grenwood cemetery 066.JPG

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