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    I've read that a flagpole 40' tall can have a 6'x10' flag on it. Does this mean you have to fly that size or can smaller sizes be flown? We are flying the U.S. flag on top(a 4'x6' or 3'x5')the state flag second(3'x5') the county flag third(3'x5'). Now they are wanting to fly a POW/MIA flag(3'x5'). This will change the order(U.S,POW/MIA,State,County) but what size flags should we be flying?
  2. well certainy if ONE flag is to be flown on the 40ft pole it should be 6x10 because that is what wi look better
    u could still have a 6x10 US flag and smaller other 3 flags or just as they are now,,,,
    stick a tiny 5x3 flag on a40ft pole one may not hardly see it fron the ground!

    if that was me id be chur puting four fLags on ONE POLE?????!!! omoosing which flags to fly each day id never attachg!! four flags to one flagpole to be quite ohonest i like one flag per poe but im in england and i grw tup seeing one flag on each pole- it looks ofdd to me to have any more!!!
    2 flags is acceptable i gues a us and state flag but any more than 2 to me detracts forom the overall beauty and doesnt look too nice

    thats my opinion anyway

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