FLAGS vs. FIREWORKS : Getting Your Patriotic Money's Worth This Independence Day!

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    Here is an updated re-post of a Facebook entry that I have been posting on my personal Facebook page just before the 4th of July for the past few years. It is entitled, "FLAGS vs. FIREWORKS".

    "FLAGS vs. FIREWORKS : Getting Your Patriotic Money's Worth This Independence Day!"
    By Your Friendly Neighborhood Flag Man (Me!)

    A lot of folks are going to be spending a lot of money to celebrate our Nation's Independence. Some will spend more, maybe a LOT more, than others to celebrate. Sometimes, celebrating the 4th of July can run into the hundreds of dollars.

    Amongst the many types of activities, foods, and items associated with celebrating our Nation's Independence Day are TWO favorites: American FLAGS and Fireworks!

    So, if you're going to spend $25, $50, or $100 (or more!) on FLAGS or Fireworks, which of the two will give you the biggest "bang for your buck" (ie. Your money's worth), so to speak? Which of the two is really more patriotic and better for our Communities and our Nation?

    Let's Investigate & Compare!

    You can shoot off one firework once, and only once, and it lasts less than one minute, and then... that's it... Poof! it's all done, and all gone, except for the clean-up and disposal of the burnt-out remnants.
    BUT... You can fly your FLAGS for up to 1,440 minutes per day, each and every single day of the year, if you want to!

    Some fireworks, if not most, are "illegal".
    BUT... All FLAGS are pretty much legal, although some are a little more "controversial" than others.

    Fireworks, legal and illegal, have caused forest fires, brush fires, grass fires, building fires, and Stadium Fires.
    BUT... FLAGS have helped ignite the "Fires of Patriotism" in men, women, and children!

    Fireworks, legal and illegal, are inherently dangerous and unsafe and have been known to injure, maim, and even kill people and animals.
    BUT... FLAGS have NEVER been known to hurt anybody or anything!

    Shooting off your fireworks can thoroughly irritate, aggrevate, and alienate your neighbors, and scare their children and family pets.
    BUT... FLAGS have been known to be VERY friendly and are constantly waving at everybody who passes by, including your friendly neighbors, and their children and pets.

    Local Governmental Officials CAN, and sometimes DO, limit the locations and areas, or number of day's per year, that you can light off your "legal" fireworks.
    BUT... You can fly your FLAGS for up to 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365/366 days a year just about ANYWHERE and the Local Governmental Officials can't stop you.

    Almost ALL (well over 95%, per American Pyrotechnics Association ) fireworks used in the United States are IMPORTED, mostly from China.
    BUT... The BEST American FLAGS are made BY Americans, FOR Americans, right here in the USA.

    SO . . .

    You can go out and spend your money on dangerous, and possibly illegal, fireworks imported from China that will work once and only once, and you are allowed to use only on the limited number of days and/or locations that the Local Governmental Officials may allow you to use them. ( BOO! )

    OR . . .

    You can shop for (and buy!) Very Friendly, High-Quality AMERICAN FLAGS that are made right here in the USA and that you can fly again and again and again, 365/366 days a year, no matter what the Local Governmental Officials may say! ( HOORAY! )


    No matter HOW you choose to spend your money to celebrate this Independence Day, PLEASE have a "SAFE & SANE" (and FLAG-Wavingest!) 4th of July weekend... EVER !!!

    Patriotically Yours,

    Robin Hickman
    "Your Friendly Neighborhood Flag Man"
    Eugene, Oregon, USA.
    (© July 1st, 2018)


    PS. For those who live in housing "communities" that have "rules" that restrict flying American Flags, and who may think that because of those "rules" they are NOT allowed to Fly the American Flag at their place of residence, please familiarize yourselves with the "Freedom To Fly The American Flag Act Of 2005" (LINK Below). Then, help your "property managers" familiarize themselves with the "Freedom To Fly The American Flag Act Of 2005".
    If for any reason "they" still say "no", contact your local media outlets (ie. Newspapers, TV News, Radio, etc.) and tell them ALL about it!

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    WOW !!!

    I just found out that my little "FLAGS vs. FIREWORKS" piece (above) will be the featured "Guest Viewpoint" in tomorrow's Edition (Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018) of the Register-Guard newspaper!!!

    Flaggily Yours,

    Robin Hickman
    "Your Friendly Neighborhood Flag Man"
    Eugene, Oregon, USA.
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    Congrats Robin. A good read for sure.
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    Thanx, Mike!

    I wrote it as a Facebook edited & updated re-posting, so I'm not sure how they'll edit it for a newspaper Op-Ed entry.

    We'll find out tomorrow morning . . .

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    Very cool. Congrats on being published!

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