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  1. Hey all

    I've found an interesting website, and thought to post it up here, for those who are vexi-nuts!

    Dark Roasted Blend: Flags of Forgotten Countries

    There's 2 pages, depicting forgotten flags, of old countries and empires etc

    Its quite interesting really - I recognise about 3 of the flags from all of the 2 pages haha!

    Have fun with that one!
  2. Adam Cappps

    Adam Cappps New Member

    I have recently be writing histories about many flags of the world. I have taken a close look at most of those flags and see a lot of resemblance in some of the forgotten flags. But like you said, I only recognize a few of them.

    great post!
  3. NAVA1974

    NAVA1974 Active Member

    Have you seen the national flag histories on Flags of the World


    nb: I have actual period examples of over a dozen of the obsolete flags shown on that "Dark Roasted Blend" website. I can post pics of a few if you would like.
  4. Adam Cappps

    Adam Cappps New Member

    FOTW is a great source of information. I visit that site at least once a day.
  5. Dopey

    Dopey New Member

    As a stamp collector, I always thought the "Occupied Nations" series of flag stamps, released by U.S.P.O. during World War II, was a nice looking set.
    I also have several of my grandfather's and great-grandfather's classroom roll-down maps. I especially enjoy the maps of WWI and WWII, which have a border of world leaders/flags. The WWII map includes leaders such as Hitler, Roosevelt, and a very young Shah of Iran.
    While researching a craft project, where I wanted to reproduce a Polish flag, I found interesting notes on its history. The central animal did not change, as Poland was occupied by numerous entities in the 20th century, but a crown is used on the image only when the country is free i.e. the crown did not appear on flags flown under Communist rule.

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