Fourth of July display of Canadian flag in my town

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Sammie Diane, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. Sammie Diane

    Sammie Diane New Member

    I am going to start a petition to make sure the chamber of commerce advertised Thier intention to include a flag other than the us flag on town property, belong to the taxpayers,
    Also make sure they be better to place it not in front of our federal Po
    Maybe in front of td Bank.
    I think the town should decide to apply non us flags only with public involved, as I have learned they do not inform public once we let in one, someone else might want to put up one, pride month is in June should I put up a TG flag? No one can question my patriotism, but it's not the right day and location and we taxpayers own the property we should be informed and have a chance to say something
    Then people might be less reactionary if the general consensus is flying It
    I will be fine, as long as we are included,
    Too many people are mistaking politics and Patriots and I tired of people who trash this country. Presidents come and go but old Glory is of the foundation
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  2. Peter Ansoff

    Peter Ansoff USA Flag Site Admin

    Hello Sammie -- welcome to the forum!

    Could I get in trouble for doing that? I am shocked my kid and I are the only ones who Care and I am considered to be an outcast for removing it
    I would do it again. Please give me input

    You took something that did not belong to you and then disposed of it. That is called theft and it's a crime, no matter what the something is. Also, you did so without even trying to find out the circumstances were. Perhaps it was an honest mistake -- maybe the flag had been displayed for Canada Day on July 1st, and someone forgot to take it down afterward. Sorry, but I'm afraid I'm not very sympathetic.
  3. Sammie Diane

    Sammie Diane New Member

  4. Union Jack

    Union Jack Member

    I've got to agree 100% with Peter Ansoff. Canada is a trusted friend of America and to dispose of the Canadian flag the way it has been said is despicable. There is probably an innocent reason why it was displayed.
  5. Sammie Diane

    Sammie Diane New Member

    Well I guess the town has to come find me so they can reveal they let it fly on the fourth instead of the first, I'm sure we would see our flags in Canada on the first Canada also was or still is part of Briton right, Union Jack? The fourth is a us holiday celebration for our Independence from England

    Despicable the town display it with out any tax payers knowing, until now, the merchants in town might not care but many of our tax payers seem to be as angry as I am
    I will soon be finding out which tax payers in the town want to see it on the fourth, they can fly it on the first, not let the chamber of commerce slip it in
    Like I said I will do it again but when I'm done working with the txapayers and the town I don't think I will see it next year
    On the 4th the flag is no more welcome than any other otherwise we can change it to international flag day
    I already wrote the town protesting my taxes and letting them know why
    Thank you for the inspiration to get Canada out of the fourth
    On tax payers property!
    Despicable me
  6. Union Jack

    Union Jack Member

    Sammie I am Northern Irish and reside in France and today it's Bastille Day the national day of France. In my small village where the local people are celebrating they are displaying the French flag but also there are Union Jacks, Belgian, Canadian, Irish, Dutch, German and the good old Stars and Stripes. There is no animosity because everybody gets on with each other and we all celebrate this important French day. We all pay taxes but that's life. Don't take your frustrations out on a solitary Canadian flag which probably was displayed by somebody who celebrates the Fourth of July just as me an Irishman who celebrates Bastille Day.

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