Framing parade flags with stick?

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    Hello, I have a question on how everyone goes about framing parade flags or flags with a staff or stick. I have a nice 39 star flag that is tacked to a wooden staff (looks like it was kept indoors) I am not sure how to go about framing it. The staff is almost 30" long, (and the top finial is kind of thick) and I am having a hard time finding a shadowbox that will work. Should I remove the stick and just frame the flag?
    Or will that hurt the flag? What are your ideas on framing the flags we collect. I am sure I could go to Michael's craft store but that would cost a fortune. Thank for your help,
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    Hello Scott,
    If the flag is attached to the original stick, I recommend leaving it that way. Many 39 star flags have survived the late 19th century, but not attached to the staff. You might consider buying one of Michaels's shadow boxes for a baseball bat (tall and thin!?) and let the flag drape on the stick. Another option would be to buy one of their large square shadow boxes that would be big enough for displaying the flag flat, but not big enough for the staff. Then drill a hole in the bottom of the shadow box to let the staff stick out.
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    Thank you Nick..

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