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  1. onequestion

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    I have been unable to find a Size 11 (1.32 x 2.5 feet) g-spec flag. It doesn't even look like Valley Forge, Annin, or CF make one. Has anyone seen one?
  2. csaanv

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    Dear Sir,
    I might have an answer for you. According to this website: USA Ensign Boat Flag- USA Boat Flags- USA Yacht Flags

    They claim that they are selling these small ensigns to the Navy and Coast Guard as "boat" flags which would be the purpose of the size you mentioned in your question. However they are shorter than what the official U.S. government specs call for. I was not aware that they had changed the specs for this flag size as I have a couple of older Size 11 ensigns that do conform to the specs. I have not been able to check out the Title 4 document they mention so I don't know what it says about flag size or if they changed it.

    small ensign.jpg

    This USA National Ensign boat flag is made to official govt specifications. It measures 18" x 26" and is made if 70 denier nautical nylon fabric. It features sewn stripes & embroidered stars, canvas duck header #2 rolled rimmed brass grommets. Made to U.S. Title 4 Govt specifications. These flags are being supplied to the U.S. Navy & Coast Guard for display on their small boats and crafts.

    Official Govt Issue flag. NSN 8345-00-245-2040
  3. onequestion

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    Thank you. I am actually trying to find the flag for use as an ensign on private vessels. Size 10 is too big. The copy of US Code available on the internet does not mention this size. Regardless, all sizes given are at a 1:1.9 ratio. I assume they decided to make an exception for a flags this small. I will probably go with a non G-spec flag.
  4. csaanv

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    According to the NAVAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS PROCEDURES FLAGS, PENNANTS & CUSTOMS NTP 13 (B),(1986) document there is no mention of a size 11 ensign. So it seems posible the Navy (at least) has dropped using it. As I have said above I have a 48 star wool size 11 ensign but I have never seen a 50 star size 11 ensign.
  5. coasterville

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    The one size 10 I just got, see a few posts upstream, I have reason to believe may be of naval origin. I had already mentioned it has a ring and Snap hook finish. Somebody pointed out to me the rope between the bottom of the flag and the snap hook is a distance line, such as one would find on code of signals flags.

    Anyway, I have one of those small ensigns I got from Annin. It's actually a nice little flag.
  6. csaanv

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    Hi David,
    Almost all flags like you have with rings and rope sewn into the headers are official naval flags for ship use. Aninn, CF, and Valley Forge among a few other smaller companies are contracted by the government to make these according to detailed specifications in the document NTP 13B. The government used to make their own flags at the major naval yards like Brooklyn, Washington, Philadelphia and Mare Island but have since quit making naval ensigns since after WWII but the Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot were still making specialized flags until 1993.
  7. coasterville

    coasterville Member

    Thanks again, that's what I had figured. What puzzles me is what type ship would use a size 10 ensign. It seems small for ship use.
  8. csaanv

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    Great question Dave. In the naval regulations (NTP 13B) the size of the ensign/jack to be flown is according the size of the naval vessel. The size 10 ensign (2' 4" 7/16 x 4' 6" ) are for vessels less than 150 feet in length. However a larger size flag is to be flown on Sundays and special designated days. See attached chart.

    Screen shot 2012-06-04 at 5.53.30 PM.jpg
  9. coasterville

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    Well, now I have 40 star Jack to go with my other naval flag - however the JAck is quite large, according to the government stamp on the header it measures at 4'9 13/16" x 6' 9 5/8" and is made of Lt. Wt. Nylon bunting by Chicago Flag. (Roped snaphook and ring header of course) - Stars are Applique sewn on, hoist corners are gusseted, all the usual G-Spec features. After Chicago Flag it is marked 1/82 on the stamp - could that be a date?

    It claims it is a "Flag, NATL, USA, Union Jack, 50 Star"

    Going by the size chart you posted, I'd need quite a large ship to attach it to :)
  10. coasterville

    coasterville Member

    Duh. Just saw I wrote 40 star. course I meant 50 star. And with the limited editing window I can't just change it and hope nobody noticed.
  11. csaanv

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    I was going to say, I didn't know Chicago Flag was around that long. Way to go. Love to see some pics when you get the time.
  12. Robin Hickman

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    I think the term "1/82" stamped/stencilled/printed on the canvas hoist (header) refers to its date of manufacture of Januaery, 1982.

    Robin Hickman
    Eugene, Oregon, USA.
  13. Samaran

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    When I said "folded in half", I meant (of course) lengthwise so that the bottoms and tops of the hoist (header) and fly ends are folded in on themselves.

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