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    I need help identifying a set of flags that my Mom gave me. Her father collected them over a period of time. She thinks it might have had something to do with a product, because they came into the house over a long period of time. There are about 40 of them in different sizes and one American flag that is 11 1/2" x 17 1/2". They are a combination of flags that are correct, not correct, country miss-spelled and pictures of Indians. Flags are not something I collect, so I am trying to figure out if they are collectible or should I let the grand kids play with them. I can send any information or picture that I can figure out. Thanks, Sam

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    Hi Sam,

    The photos you show are of felt Tobacco Flags. These were printed on felt and packaged along with boxes of cigars. Very often, they were used by people in home sewing when making quilts and other household textiles. In fact, are examples of quilts that contain tobacco felt flags currently listed on eBay, links below:

    Tobacco Flag Quilt Top - eBay (item 270508024282 end time Jan-05-10 15:58:08 PST)
    ANTIQUE PENNANTS TOBACCO FLAGS QUILT - eBay (item 360219430395 end time Dec-21-09 07:40:20 PST)

    You can find these for sale regularly on eBay, and their average cost is about $20 or $30 dollars each. They're often sold in lots because people, like your grandfather, tended to collect them over time, much as we collect other "free in the box" collectibles that come with modern products. You can find them if you search for "tobacco flag" or "tobacco felt". They were especially popular in the 1920s and 1930s.

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    Anthony, thank you very much for the info. It gives me a good start on research. Sam
  4. Nice flags you have there

    I've never seen any like that before.. good information there too Anthony

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