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    I am new to this site and hope to have your help. I am in charge of a local color guard and I would like to establish the correct protocol for where the colors should be placed in our annual community festival parade. I am of the opinion that the colors should lead the parade. The past practice has had the color guard in the 4th or 5th spot behind firetrucks, grand marshalls, other emergency agency vehicles, etc. I have been researching this practice and have found very little solid evidence to support my feeling on this matter. I would like to have something more concrete to approach next year's parade director with than just my organizations opinion. Also, we are from a small community with the likeliness to appear to be stepping on someone's toes by mere mention that something is not quite being done correctly. This being said, I plan to approach my assignment with as much tact and evidence as possible. Your input would be greatly appreciated!!!

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