Half mast on 9/11?

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For 9/11

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  1. Yes, I will/did flag at 1/2 mast.

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  2. No, I did not/could not.

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  1. PRGringo

    PRGringo Member

    I believe that Federal buildings will fly the flag at 1/2 maxst on 9/11. Will you or did you?
  2. Peter Ansoff

    Peter Ansoff USA Flag Site Admin

    You can view the President's proclamation here:

    Patriot Day, 2008

    The key sentences are:

    ". . . I call upon the Governors of the United States and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, as well as appropriate officials of all units of government, to direct that the flag be flown at half-staff on Patriot Day. I also call upon the people of the United States to observe Patriot Day with appropriate ceremonies, activities, and remembrance services, to display the flag at half-staff from their homes on that day . . ."

    We'll be flying the US flag at half-staff on our center pole, and leaving the other two bare.

    Peter Ansoff
  3. If i had an outdoor flying facility , i would be flying a flag at half staff too, but unfortunatly I have no such pole.

    I have my indoor flag pulled out to the front of the room instead, and a tall small table with a flag in a display case sat on top with my replica Statue of Liberty stood infront, and im wearin a t shirt with a flag and Lady Liberty on it with 'Nver forget, sept 11 2001' on it

    i will be leading a 2 minute silence at 8.46am EST (1 46pm here) aswell...followed by singing the Star Spangled Banner
  4. PRGringo

    PRGringo Member

    Sounds like a nice way to remember.

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