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Discussion in 'Half Mast / Half Staff' started by ralphy, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. ralphy

    ralphy New Member

    I have a flag etiquette question that I am sure is not unique to us.

    In our gated community, we illuminate and fly a flag 24/7. As I understand it, the flag should be at half-staff from sun up to sun down. I cannot find anyone in our community willing to get up at sunrise to lower the flag. We have two choices.

    1. Lower it to half-staff whenever our volunteer gets to it.
    2. Lower it to half-staff the night before.

    My vote is for B but I would like to know what others do and your opinions.

    Raising the flag at sunset is another problem but let’s not go there.
  2. coastie

    coastie New Member

    I personally don't think you should raise it the night before. The flag meant to be half-staffed for a specific day only.

    If you have a gated community, you should add such flag duties to the gate guard if none of the residents can figure out how to set their alarm clock. Days designated for half staff are limited so it's not like someone has to do it everyday. Frankly it should cause a sense of pride to have that responsibility.
  3. ralphy

    ralphy New Member

    Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately, our gated community does not have a gate guard. In fact, we do not have any employees.

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