Half-staff for military personnel killed in combat

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    Who may authorize the placement of the U.S. flag at half-staff in order to honor specific military personnel killed in combat? For what duration is such a half-staff presentation appropriate? Is this addressed in the U.S. Code?
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    I believe the President and also the Gov. of the State. In the state of Illinois the Gov orders the flag to fly @ half staff from sun up to sun down on all State Building the day of the KIA's funeral. Also the Gov of this state makes time to come to all the KIA funerals. He started this as Lt Gov and has kept this pactice going since taking over as Gov. If for some reason he cannot be @ the funeral he will make time to meet with the family before the funeral in there home. Just had a funeral this past Sun 02-022-09 and he had already been to the family's home on Sat.
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    Take a look at the thread called "who can order the flag half mast" in this section. It addresses your question in some detail. If you need more info, let us know!

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