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    Several state governors have directed that US and state flags be half-staffed in their states to honor the Navy SEALs who died in the recent helo crash in Afghanistan. This is presumably in accordance with the 2007 amendment to the flag code that gave them the authority to do this.

    On Wednesday 10 August, the office of the Governor of Connecticut posted the following special notice on the Governor's web site:

    **CLARIFICATION ON GOVERNOR’S FLAG POLICY: Lowering the flag as a sign of honor and respect for those people who sacrificed their lives on behalf of our country is something the Governor takes very seriously. While we usually wait until the Department of Defense officially notifies our office before doing so – out of respect for the family members and loved ones of the person killed – we appreciate that this is a unique situation. Because of the mission Chief Petty Officer Bill was on, DoD has not yet sent out the official notification, but the Governor has directed flags to half-staff to honor Chief Petty Officer Bill beginning today until his burial or memorial.

    I assume that the DoD "official notification" refers to notification of the identity of the deceased service member, rather than half-staffing the flag. The latter would normally come from the president, not DoD. In any case, the 2007 amendment gives the governor the authority to direct half-staffing on his own.​

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