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Discussion in 'Half Mast / Half Staff' started by EmailPoster, Jun 6, 2006.

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    If you have both an american flag and the pow flag flying and you are asked to fly the american...
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    This is a common question and one that is debatable. While there isn't a specific Flag Code regulation about flying an American flag solo while it is at half-staff, some feel it is most traditional and preferable. However, there may be times when you feel a POW flag is warranted for the occasion. Just like a state flag on the pole with an American flag, it is up to your discretion whether or not to fly both at half-staff.
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    I believe the American Flag should be flown at half-mass alone. I think the whole concept of flying the American Flag is one of respect, however so is the Pow flag. I think it is up to the individual, but I myself would prefer one to be removed to avoid any confusion or to display both at half-staff.
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    US Flag, POW Flag

    I have been told a number of times by some Veterans Groups that the POW - MIA Flag is the ONLY Flag that can be flown at Half Staff with the American Flag. Don't ask me where that comes from, but I have heard it several times. I belong to an Elks Lodge in NH and we do fly the POW-MIA flag at half staff with the American Flag, whenever it is a half-staff day. The POW-MIA flags at all times with the American Flag at our Lodge.

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