Half-Staffing US Flag (but not subordinate flags)

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    During the last year I found several examples where the people in charge of flag displays made a common error when attempting to participate in half-staffing events for the US flag...they just lowered the US flag and left the subordinate flags flying high. The lesson here, for those who are unfamiliar with half-staffing protocol, is to ensure no flag or pennant is ever displayed above the US flag, even at half-staff, or during the half-staffing sequence. In other words, lower the corporate flag first, then the state flag, and finally the US flag. When returning the flags to full-staff, reverse that order by raising the US flag first, then the state flag, and finally the corporate flag.
    In the case of the school Veterans Memorial (see 2nd photo) which involves not only the US & PA flags but also the 5 military service flags and the POW/MIA flag, the US and PA flags were inappropriately lowered below their subordinate flags.
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