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Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by troop729sm, Jun 5, 2007.

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    I am preparing to set up a campsite gateway and want to make sure that we are honoring our flag properly. Our plan is to hang our United States and Troop flags vertically from a rope suspended in tall trees at the entrance to our camp.

    First, is this acceptable?

    Second, is the attached image the proper configuration?

    Many thanks!
  2. Peter Ansoff

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    First, is this acceptable?

    Sure. Some possible considerations, however: 1) the suspension rope will probably have some slack in it, which will cause the flags to sag and be distorted. 2) there needs to be enough clearance so that the flags won't get tangled up in the trees or the troop sign if they flap in the wind.

    Second, is the attached image the proper configuration?

    Per the flag code, and assuming that the flags are visible from both sides, the union of the US flag should face generally north or east (or somewhere in between -- obviously it depends on the configuration of the trees and the gateway). For consistency, the US flag should probably be north or east of the troop flag, although this point isn't specifically covered in the code.

    Please post a photo here when you've set it up!

    Peter Ansoff
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