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Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by kathy65, Mar 3, 2009.

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    I was concerned today when I walked in & saw the U.S. Flag hanging over a bench in the entrance-way at my son's Elementary school. I can't say I'm the most patriotic person but I was sickened by the sight. This flag represents what many Americans have fought & died for, yet there it was... "drying out". How can we expect our kids to have pride in their country when this is an educational institutions protocol. Am I wrong? Isn't this wrong? Is there some other protocol which any knows of?
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    A thought - if they are using a cotton flag especially - it it got wet outside due to the rain, the last thing you want to do is fold it to store it while still wet. You have to dry it out first to prevent mildew, mold and the like.

    The newer synthetic flags are usually more water repellant, but again if you had a rainy day and they were retiring the flag at the end of the day and it was damp, they may let it dry out fully instead of storing it wet.

    I have a leaflet on proper flag care that came with a flag from Dettra that instructs you to do this.
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    Yes, of course it was wet due to the rain. If it were being dried in another area I wouldn't have made this post. But it was on a school bench in the morning where kids could sit, lean on & most likely step all over as the hall filled with k-5 kids.
  4. hi there

    Well perhaps the teachers, or whoever was responsable for the flag at that time, coulden't find a better place to put the flag to dry?, or perhaps the flag was somewhere else first, then was moved? If there were alot of people around, that could easily be the case.

    I would not think the students would want to sit on the flag, especially if it was wet!

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