Happy Birthday to Me!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Flag Discussion' started by Peter Ansoff, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. Peter Ansoff

    Peter Ansoff USA Flag Site Admin


    Today (10 Feb) is my birthday. Here are the flags that we displayed at the house today:


    Can you tell:

    1) Where my ancestors came from (some of them anyway)?
    2) Where I was born?
    3) How old I am?

    The first one with all correct answers wins a bucket of authentic Blizzard of 2010 snow!

    Peter Ansoff
  2. Greengo

    Greengo Member

    Happy Birthday Peter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

    May you have many, many more!!!:)
  3. PRGringo

    PRGringo Member

    OK. I'll bite! Ancestor came from Russia. Born in California. Old enough to have seen 2 changes to the US flag.
  4. Peter Ansoff

    Peter Ansoff USA Flag Site Admin

    Excellent start, but it should be possible to zero in on my age more closely. (-;

    Peter A.

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