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    Hello; I went to the rodeo last night, was wearing a hat and when the gal riding a horse entered the arena with the US Flag, announced by the MC, most all [and I] stood up and began applauding and yelling; the national anthem had not started nor the pledge; many removed their hats as the rider with Flag rode into the arena but I was still clapping and yelling and an older friend called my name nodding for me to remove my hat and I did. IF I had thought it was proper etiquete prior to the anthem or pledge to remove my hat during the entrance ride I would have with out prompting....the fellow was my host and I know him to be a WWII US Navy vet. It was a bit embarassing and doubly so as I'm not sure if I was really "wrong"??? or not?? I've sworn to defend and protect the Constitution 3 times[3 US GOVT. Jobs] and NEVER recinded that vow! To me the FLAG is part of the protection and defending I am still sworn to perform. I've protected several US Presidents [during my Treasury Agent years] and VP's and first Ladies and numerous candidates. I had no intent to dishonor our FLAG if I in fact did so ......but I do want to know if at that point in the rodeo [the rider entering the arena] I should have uncovered or IF my clapping and shouting was appropriate respect and support ???
    Any and all answers and comments would be welcome, thank you.
  2. hello there and welcome to USA flag site!

    how embarrassing that must have been for you :(

    there is no call to remove a hat when you see a flag

    Usually at events a commentator comes on and announces the Star Spangled Banner - and usually will remind you to remove your hats - at which point you would remove the hat with your right hand and place your hand with hat in it over your heart- and then face the flag as the anthem plays.

    if the commentator had jsut gotten to introducing the girl and the flag then you wouldent have been required to remove the hat at that moment

    as for claapping and cheering - absolutley nothing wrong with that!

    quite often i hear that people will begin doing this toward the end of the Star Spangled Banner at sporting events - usually on hearing the words 'LAND OF THE FREE' and i figure this is cos freedom is valued very highly in the United States so people will clap and cheer at the mention of those lyrics within the anthem to show their appreciation.

    God Bless the United States of America on this fine 4th of July!!
    have a great day!

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