Hawaiian Sovereignty Protest

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    It's notable that the student is upset by the US flag above the Hawaiian flag, but doesn't see a problem with them flying side-by-side. He's probably not aware that the flag on its own right takes precedence if they're at the same height. However, there may be some more subtle symbolism at work: One-flag-above-another really is a traditional display of dominance and victory over a defeated enemy, while side-by-side does not have the same connotation. The Texas state flag code says "If it is necessary for the state flag and the flag of the United States to be displayed on the same flagpole or flagstaff, the United States flag should be above the state flag," but clearly favors separate poles of equal height.

    NAVA member Patrick Ka'ano'i had a very interesting paper in Flag Research Quarterly last year about the symbolism of the Hawaiian flag. He drew a parallel between the British union crosses in the canton and the "alia and puela" in the Hawaiian royal arms.
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    Hi Peter,

    Do you have a link to the Flag Research Quarterly article you referred to?

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