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    Hi, my name is Keegan. I work for an estate auction company, Estate Road Show. Among items for our current estate, we discovered a massive 38-star US flag, measuring approximately 12x20 feet. We are trying to find information on who manufactured this flag, and where it flew. What makes the flag unique is a small marking in the union, which is hard to make out but resembles a 6-point nautical star, with possibly a sword or other object behind it, or possibly two or more letters or symbols around the outside of the star (maybe a fleur-de-lis). What would be particularly helpful would be a list of manufacturers of American flags from this period, with a list of their logos or symbols. If anyone here knows of such an index, or is familiar with a mark similar to what I described, we would greatly appreciate it.
    Photos of this flag are available on our website, Estate Road Show Inc.. It is shown in the middle of the home page, just click on the photo and you can see larger, more detailed pictures, including one of the marking.
    Keegan Robbins, Auctioneer, SCAL 4238
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    Thanks! It seems like someone else here already inquired about this and I didn't know. I appreciate the link. :)

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