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Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by kelli_tinsley, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. kelli_tinsley

    kelli_tinsley New Member

    Can anyone help me? My grandfather recently passed away and I found a 11 star flag that has 3 stripes (red, white, red). I'm guessing it could be civil war, because he was an avid civil war collector, but I could be wrong. I'm hoping someone can help me know what I have found!!!
  2. have you a picture of it you can put on here??

    From the sounds of it, it does sound like a civil war stars and bars.
    Would i be correct to think the stars are sewn in a circle?
  3. kelli_tinsley

    kelli_tinsley New Member

    I do have a picture, I'm just not quite sure how to post it.....the stars are not in a circle.....that is what throws me off. I will try to get a picture on here today
  4. kelli_tinsley

    kelli_tinsley New Member

    Re: How to include a photo in your posts

    Thank you so much....I have drawn a picture of the flag since my camera isn't cooperating with the picture. I hope you know what it is! I tried the photobucket method...if it didn't work please let me know!

  5. I took the liberty of moving your flag to the appropriate thread :)

    Very interesting star pattern.

    I'll scout around and se if I can find out any info on it..
    Definatly seems to be a civil war flag for your grandfathers collection
  6. coasterville

    coasterville Member

    I don't see an exact match, but I see a couple close designs on this page of the Annin catalog.

    Annin&Company - 2008 Catalog

    Look at the top row 2nd flag "Stars and Stripes - First Confederate.

    Also look at the botom row, 2nd flag "General Lee's Headquarters flag"[​IMG]
  7. Peter Ansoff

    Peter Ansoff USA Flag Site Admin

    Hi, Kelli and all,

    This flag is obviously a variant of the first Confederate national flag, commonly known as the "stars and bars." The earliest examples had 7 stars, and went up to 11 as more states joined the Confederacy. As a_f_uk and coasterville have pointed out, the star arrangement is unusual -- most examples have them in a circle. However, there were many variations.

    The first national flag was used both as a national color by the Army, and as the national ensign by the navy. It was the flag that flew on the CSS Virginia, ex-Merrimack, when she fought the Monitor.

    Maybe you could tell us more about the physical aspects of the flag (type of fabric, stitching, condition, etc.). Reproduction Confederate flags are very common.

    Peter Ansoff

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