Help Me With Estate Sale Find - 45 Star Flag, Bunting, GW Miller?

Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by williehaysmays, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. williehaysmays

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    I got these pieces in a lot from an estate sale. The lot looked pretty unique, I'm wondering if there is anything special about it.

    There isn't a tag/company name on the flag. There is a signature that looks like GW Miller. There are 2 holes for hanging. It measures approx. 11ft x 6ft. There's 45 stars, the fabric behind 1 star in the corner is a darker blue (looks like it may have been patched)

    I've been asking around some, and I've been told the other pieces are bunting. The stars with red and white stripes is 1 piece and measures approx 32ft x 2ft 8in. The background of the stars is a bluish/grey. I believe it was blue at one time, but very faded now.

    The red/white/blue is in 2 pieces. Measuring 25ft and 9ft long x ~21in
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    Hello williehaysmays and welcome to the USA flag forum.
    That is a very nice, clean example of a wool bunting 45 star flag. The stars are affixed with zig zag stitching which was a relatively recent innovation in flagmaking at that time (Patented 1892). Your flag dates from the 1896-1908 era and is probably one of the later ones made as it did not see much use. The patches in the corners are reinforcments that were part of the flag when it was made. The value of your flag really depends on who needs a large, century-old flag at the moment. It is rather large for flag collectors who want to display their flag, but it would be a beautiful backdrop for a turn-of-the-century type restaurant or hotel. On eBay such flags sell for $75 to $150. Some large 45 star flags have been on ebay for months at a opening price of $250 with no bidders, so that gives you an idea of their value on the open market. I would expect a brick-and-mortar antiques dealer to price your flag at $300 to $500 or more as nice 45's are much scarcer than 48 star flags.
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    Hello, WillieHaysMays!

    A 4'x8' (marked, but measures 46"x91") 45-Star U.S. Flag in Lewisberry, Pennsylvania just went up for auction on eBay with an opening bid of $185.99. There are 9 photos included with the description.

    Antique 8 x 4 American 45 Star Flag | eBay

    Robin Hickman
    ("Your Friendly Neighborhood Flag Man")
    Eugene, Oregon, USA.

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