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    I recently stumbled across this awesome charity initiative called Victor Values Veterans, and I've been sharing it all over because I think it's a really great cause!

    Here's the basic information:

    Victor Pest, a company that's proud to be founded in the U.S.A., created an initiative to help U.S. veterans find jobs after they return home from serving overseas. For every new Facebook fan they get, Victor will donate funds to the Call of Duty Endowment (a non-profit re-employment organization that helps provide resources, training, and support to veterans who are re-entering the workforce as civilians). It's a great cause, and the fact that you can help vets simply by clicking "like" on Facebook is so easy, it's hard to say no! (And why would you want to say no to helping veterans?)

    If anyone's interested in learning more/liking the page, here's the link:

    Thanks! :cool:


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