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    New member waynepoe asked for some help in posting a query about this flag:

    The flag: This flag has 32 stars that are arranged in a circular pattern. The flag material appears to be of canvas and the stars and striped either stamped or printed on the canvas. It measures about 40 X 22 and was attached to a wooden staff when I obtained it about 50 years ago.

    History: This was one of three flags that were found in an old farm house in southwestern Ohio. The rumor was that this house had previously been owned by a General in the Union Army. I have tried to research its history but have not felt very confident about the results. One story was that it was Probably a banner and not a flag and that it was possible that it was used during parades or other festivities that may have been popular in the 1850s or 1860s.

    Photos: Attached please find two photos of flag/banner. Thanks in advance for any information and history that you might be able to collect with regards to this old relic.

    wp63sm20.jpg wp64sm20.jpg
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    This is a great Civil War era flag, and in fairly good condition for the age.
    Printed flags on glazed muslin (cotton) were among the most common flags from 2x3 inches up to nearly 3x5 feet from the mid 19th century to the 1890's. If you wanted to buy a sewn flag in this size it was almost always a 13-star flag. Smaller sewn flags with the "full" number of stars were uncommon until mass production with ziz zag stitching of the stars in the 1890's and later.

    Most of the Civil War era flags in my collection follow this rule:

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