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    We have 7 flags we want to display in our business. A US flag and state flag that are 3 x 5 and Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard flags that are 2 x 3. What would the correct order be to display these flags. Since the US and state flags are larger I think they would go in the center, but I'm not sure. If they are in the center which would go where, and where would I place the uniformed services flags?

    Thank you for your help.
  2. Robin Hickman

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    Hello, RustyGadget, and Welcome to the USA-FLAG-SITE Forum!

    Since you didn't say HOW the Flags would be displayed, this advice will be VERY "general".

    NOTE : The "Order Of Precedence" (importance) is as follows: U.S., State, Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

    If the Flags are to be hung in a single, horizontal STRAIGHT LINE against a wall or from the ceiling (rafter or beam), then the Flags' "Order Of Precedence" would be (from the VIEWER'S/OBSERVER'S point of view) from Left-To-Right.

    If they are to be hung in two horizontal lines (one above the other) the you would hang the U.S. and State Flags (left-to-right) on the upper row, and the military service Flags (Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard) on the bottom row.

    IF the Flags are to be hung from separate flagpoles, of the same height, in a straight line, then the same "viewers' left-to-right" display (as noted above) would still hold true". If there are only SIX poles for the SEVEN Flags, then the U.S. Flag (upper) and the State Flag (lower) would go (together) on the farthest left (viewers point of view) flagpole, and the military Flags would be placed on the remaining poles (left-to-right) in their order of precedence.

    This advice is VERY general because I do not know how you intend to display your Flags.

    IF the flags are to be hung in a VERTICAL orientation against a wall or from the ceiling (rafter or beam), then the State & Military Flags can simply be turned clockwise 1/4 turn, BUT the U.S. Flag will need to be hung in a slightly different manner. The Blue canton (AKA: "Union") with the white Stars will need to be in the upper left corner (from the viewers/observers point of view) in the SAME position as when it is hung HORIZONTALLY. To do this will require the U.S. Flag to be "reversed" so that the "back" of the Flag is observed, then turned so that the canton/union is in the upper left quadrant.

    Like I said, this advice is VERY "general". If you would let us know a little more about how and where you're planning on displaying your Flags, we would be able to give you some "better" advice on how to do it.

    I hope this helps! :cool:

    Robin Hickman
    ("Your Friendly Neighborhood Flag Man")
    Eugene, Oregon, USA.
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    The US Flag Code addresses flags hung vertically from the ceiling, which states the union is to the north or east:


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