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Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by red71novadriver, Mar 5, 2014.

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    Hello, I have a flag I got when my grandfathers house was emptied. It is a 48 star flag, stars sewn on both sides. It has a tag sewn on that says Wolverine wind proof flags, Sherritt flag co, Richmond VA. it has no grommets, rather it has two loops on each end of the hoist. It also says in, what appears to be ink, class-g-hoist 5.14 ft. It also says something somewhat eligible, looks like a, g or an o, then tt and I cant tell what else. Its aprox 53"x112" ( four foot five by nine foot four) I am thinking about displaying it on the wall of my new house, but it has a few stains. If it is not anything historical, I will have the stains removed, but if by some odd chance it has some historical value, I would get it restored. Thanks for any help. Dave
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    Hello red71novadriver and welcome to the forum!
    The Sherritt Flag Company of Richmond, Virginia started in 1922 but I am not too sure when it closed down, maybe in the 1970s or 1980s. They also did a fair amount of business of making Confederate flags along with US flags. While most 48 star flags are not valuable in terms of cash they do have some historical value and are collectable. Your flag sounds like it was made for the government under a contract as the dimensions are close to those require by the government. Contrary to what you might believe bigger is not better in flag collecting but what you have is still nice. If they are not too obnoxious, I would not bother to remove the stains, collectors would rather have them if you ever want to sell it later.

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