Help with identifying this 48 star pennant flag...can you help

Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by sgodschalk, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. sgodschalk

    sgodschalk New Member

    First time poster...long time visitor! I purchased this flag as a present for my dad and wanted to give him some information about it yet I can find nothing. It is approximately 30 inches in length. I am not exactly sure what it is constructed of. Surely it is some sort of military flag because of the crest on the eagle but again...I have been unable to find anything written about it either. Any information you could give would be of great help. Thanks in advance!

  2. teevee_dinner

    teevee_dinner New Member

    Can't help with provenance, but that certainly is one GRAND pennant! Bet your Dad loves it.

  3. sgodschalk

    sgodschalk New Member

    Oh I hope he does! I just wish I could give him a little history about it. Thanks for the reply!
  4. csaanv

    csaanv Member

    Hi sgodschalk,
    Your banner is very unique and not a common item you see very often. I would suggest you hit some of the WW2 forums and see if you get any bites there. It might take a little work but if you dig long enough I am sure you will find your answer.

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