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  1. raithee

    raithee New Member

    Were can i find a lepel flag pin thats an american flag with the gold goo elephant on the bottom right han corner like sean hannity an other republicans wear
  2. APS221

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  3. raithee

    raithee New Member

    Thanks dude the second link is exactly what i was looking for
  4. ralphy

    ralphy New Member

    As i said on another thread:

    The United States Flag Code states “The flag should never have placed on it, or attached to it, any mark, insignia, letter, word, number, figure, or drawing of any kind”.
    Therefore, the flag pin that Hannity wears is not legal. I believe that Romney and Ryan also wear these illegal pins. I also believe that these people do not realize that by wearing these pins, they are showing disrespect for our flag.
  5. ColonialFlagPoles

    ColonialFlagPoles New Member

    I agree with ralphy, the US Flags isn't owned by a party or group, but rather all americans. To possess it as republicans, is to diminish it's meaning of liberty and freedom,
  6. raithee

    raithee New Member

    Actually re read the "code" it is allowed by political parties... Also it cannot be illegal simply because the law cannot be enforced and will never be enforced it is a code and guidlines to follow NOT a law... Because what about all the napkins and clothing and being used by sports teams what about all the flags that are not being taken down at nite like they should or be prop. Illuminated... Etc.

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