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    I have a neighbor that is very disrespectful to the flag and I don't know what can be done about it .
    this has bothered me for some time and I haven't spoke to him since.
    He flys his flag sometimes with a peace sign painted over the stars , and now he has a sticker in his truck with the flag flying upside down . He has signs that he painted in his front yard dissing america and its government.
    He is a white american male (not of any foreign origin) and he has worked all \his life in an american steel mill ,Made a good living yet still disrespects america and its flag . I am at my wits end with this guy and want to take out to the woods and beat him silly ,But of course that won't change him .
    The city has since made him take it down, but I hear he is threatening to sue the city through the ACLU, I don't know if he can or not ,but I would like to see him lose his butt.
    Thank you Fred
  2. NAVA1974

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    The very same flag that you respect and he desicrates stands for both his right to protest, and your right to support, the government. Not even the Flag Code can be invoked to punish this fellow as it carries no penalties. Even if your state had enacted laws that set penalties for flag desecration recent history shows that the Supreme Court would rule in favor of the Constituion guaranteeing his right to free speech. He just happens to be one of those people who earns a living through the economy this nation has helped generate, yet sees flaws that he thinks should be corrected, and that overcomes his patriotic feelings for the USA.
  3. hey there NAVA!! long time no see!! i thought u dissappeared!!

    i wuddent stand 4 sum1 treatin the flag badly lright in my face... even as an english person.... if i was in the US and that happened to me id be very upset about it.
    it should not be a right to publickly dishonor a nations flag. even if it is your own... should make it even more wrong if its your own flag!! i say he shud leave the USA and go find another country that he thinks is better... in my opinion as a foreigner- he wont FIND another country thats better than the USA and has obviously forgotten all the good things about the USA...

    i guess you cant really do anything about his dishonor to tnh flag though unforunate as it is... just buy a higher flagoole for your yard and put up a nice american flag every day and teeat it good... or better yet stick flags over your house and everywhere u can stick a pole... hve a million flags next to his yard that are treated good... hopefully every1 will see how much a dickhead he is lol
  4. NAVA1974

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    Sorry, just noticed that I misspelled "desecrate" in my post yesterday. In any event, I certainly do not like to see the US flag treated with disrespect. Nor do I appreciate the liberal attitude of our courts towards the sacred symbol of the flag of the US. It irritates me when people say silly things like "no one ever died for the American flag." They obviously had an inadequate education, as anyone from my generation who stayed awake in US History class learned that Flag Bearers during the US Civil War (1861-1865) were an "endangered species" so to speak, as they were the targets of enemy infantry and were very often wounded or killed in the line of duty. However there was rarely any lack of volunteers to rush forward and recover the fallen flag, to carry it aloft to lead their fellow soldiers, and in turn expose themselves to a very high probability of death. And these are just examples of people who literally died for the flag - not for the country, not for the end of slavery, not for home, but for the flag, as the flag had come to be much more than a symbol of the country or the cause or the regiment - it had become a sacred, living thing in its own right. By the 20th century warfare had changed, the flag had been set aside in a place of honor, not exposed to physical battle, and the soldiers fought for the ideals of home and country and their fellows fighting beside them. But now we are back to the ideals worth fighting for, and one of those ideals embodied in the amendments to our Constitution is the right to free speech. I might not like that neighbor, nor his mistreatment of flags, but if we truly care for what the American flag stands for, then we must recognize his rights, too.
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    I reiterate: Making the flag an exception to free speech would be a greater desecration than anything that anyone could do to an individual flag.

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