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Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by Trapp108, Mar 18, 2013.

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    Are flags labeled, to identify where and when the flags were flown? Do navel ships and service bases or victory flags become labeled?

    I have a 48 star flag that is a little tattered with multipul staples. still stapled to the flag is another piece of cloth containing "6225" on the other side of the staples is "AOMEXX" that part looks original stencil.

    why is there a cloth "6225" stapled to the flag?

    also on the white part of the flag (the part with the rings to connect to a flag pole) appearing in black is "|-F-4" . . . unsure if the first note is the letter I or the numeral 1 . . . i shall assume the numural 1

    also on the white part in an ink that has faded to a brown is "8H2=11=18=42" a little space and then "11-J-1" -~-the "11-J-1" is botched with the fore mentioned black ink.

    Do these markings give the flag a time and location or do they just say that some fool wrote nonsense upon it?

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