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Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by Ilene Goldberg, Mar 5, 2018.

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    My husband and I are new homeowners and the first thing we decided to do was to purchase an American Flag for the outside of our home. The thing that I'm not sure about is where the proper place is to display it. We have two flag brackets - one on the outer side of the front side of the house to the left of the garage, and the other on the right side of the entryway to the house at the front of the porch. My question is: In which of these brackets is the proper place to display the American Flag or does it not matter? Thank you!

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    Hello Ms. Goldberg,

    Welcome to the Forum. Your question (and similar questions) has been the subject of discussion on this Forum in the recent past. There is a search box at the upper right hand side of the main Forum page. Type in house flag display and click on Search to read how this subject has been dealt with.

    Aside from the obvious considerations such as visibility from the sidewalk or street, obstructions which may entangle or tear the flag, and the ease with which the flag can be put on display or removed, the US flag Code ยง7 Position and Manner of Display advises that if you display a subordinate flag on the other flag bracket, the American flag should be on its own right, or to the left of the other flag as viewed from the sidewalk or street. The US Flag Code also advises that if you wish to leave the American flag on display overnight, it should be illuminated. Discussions about flag illumination can also be found by using the search box. If you decide to display just the American flag, you may find suitable illumination from your front porch light if you use the flag bracket on the right side of the house entryway. In any event, Forum members would love to see a photo or photos of your house flag display.
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    DSCN0413 2.jpg
    I chose to display an 8'x 5' flag hung vertically on the exterior front wall of my home with the union (the field of stars) upper left to the observer from the street or sidewalk. The flag is illuminated at night by the porch light between the flag and the front door. The porch light switch is controlled automatically for sunset and sunrise times by inputing local longitude and latitude. It also automatically adjusts for daylight savings time. Such a device installs in the switch housing and only costs about $30.
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