Honoring Hometown Heroes Act (H.R. 2386)

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    Hello, I came across this article: House introduces Honoring Hometown Heroes Act | Legislation & Regulations content from Fire Chief

    It seems Rep. John Larson (D-CT) is attempting to codify what is already widely practiced. It seems most state governors half-staff the US and state flags for public safety/first responders. I presume it's done under the "in accordance with recognized customs or practices not inconsistent with law" clause in the code. More info here:
    Larson Introduces Bill to Honor Sacrifice of First Responders Killed in the Line of Duty | Congressman John Larson- and here:
    Honoring Hometown Heroes Act (H.R. 2386) - GovTrack.us#

    For example, the Governors of Missouri and Illinois have both issued half-staff proclamations for public safety/first responders:
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    As I writing my post about the Honoring Hometown Heroes Act, I looked at the Missouri and Illinois flag honors notification webpages.
    Office of Administration | Flag Display
    News: Flag Honors

    The purpose was to view proclamations issued for public safety/first responders. However, I noticed that neither state issued a proclamation for Sen. Frank Lautenberg. It should be the most recent national proclamation. I know the flag code already covers the death of a serving U.S. Senator, but a proclamation was issued when Sen. Daniel Inouye died in December. It can be seen here at the White House website: Presidential Proclamation -- Death of Senator Daniel K. Inouye, President pro tempore of the Senate | The White House
    If you look at the most recent proclamations here: Proclamations | The White House You'll see there's no proclamation for Sen. Frank Lautenberg.

    I know many news reports noted that flags were flown at half-staff at various locations, but none seemed to mentioned the lack of an official proclamation. This blog notes that the President should issue a proclamation: Flags Unlimited Blog

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