How many flags can be flown from one pole?

Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by Spartan1, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. Spartan1

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    The title is the question and the specific number I am wondering about is six.
  2. Robin Hickman

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    Hello, Spartan1! Welcome to the USA FLAG SITE forums!

    I don't know if there is any hard-and-fast "rule" about the maximum number of flags on a single flagpole or not. I rather doubt that there is, at least not here in the USA.

    Having said that, I would say that IF there WERE a "rule" about the maximum number of Flags allowed on one flagpole, that "theoretical" number would probably be THREE (3).

    The "theoretical" three would be something similar to (top-to-bottom) "US-State-City" (municipal), "US-State-Company" (corporate), or US-#2-#3" (civilian), etc. In most cases you'll see only one or two Flags per pole. However old you are, in almost ALL cases the majority of the flagpoles you've seen in your lifetime were carrying only one or two Flags on their halyards, or no Flags at all.

    Since there probably is NO "rule" about the maximum number of Flags on a flagpole, I'd think that any civilian could fly just as many Flags as they want to on their own flagpole. Or at least as many as they want as long as they do NOT care what their family, friends, neighbors, and casual passers-by might think think about the display, then I'd think it would be "OK".

    Of course, that's just one man's opinion (mine), but then I sometimes fly over 50 Flags at my place on some "Flag Holidays"!!! :cool:

    Thank You for bringing your Flag-related question to our Forums!!!

    Robin Hickman
    ("Your Friendly Neighborhood Flag Man")
    Eugene, Oregon, USA.

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