How to attach multiple flags on a halyard/ storage

Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by brohde, Jul 5, 2014.

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    This is a question of the mechanics. I've been putting two brass snaphooks on the halyard for each flag I display and positioning them so there is no strain on the cloth edge. Most of my flags are 3 x5' and 4 x 6' and all are modern mostly Annin NyGlo. I often have 30 flags on my 32' pole.

    I've noticed some folks clip the flags together using a short length of cord with a snap on each end. I assume they have a snap on each end of the halyard. I'd like to hear what others do.

    The other question I have is a convenient way to store my flags without folding them. I have about 20 flags and use most of them quite frequently. Has anyone devised an easy method of organizing and storing them.


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